JoAnn Reno WRay Christmas 2011

JoAnn R. Wray at Christmas 2011

Epistles from the Heart is written by JoAnn Reno Wray and presented as a means to bring hope, peace, and joy from God to the hearts of readers. Planned content will range from humorous to serious, from life lessons with a biblical theme to commentary on world events.

I hope it isn’t the case, but I’m sure some readers  may feel my writing here is “preachy” because of my passion on a given topic and the burning desire to write as a calling. While I strive to avoid that, I’m sure I won’t please everyone. My goal is to present writing to make readers think, cause them to turn to God for answers, and hopefully, provide a joyous outlook in the midst of difficult times.

I’ve been a freelance writer since 1974 with over 3000 articles, stories, poems, columns, fillers and more published in a wide variety of venues including newsletters, magazines, newspapers, promotional writings, and more both in print and on the web. Additionally, I’ve now had articles and stories appear in over a dozen book compilations.

I’ve worked as a columnist,reporter, and editor for newspapers as well as teaching and helping fellow writers grow in their craft. I attended Columbus College of Art and Design (scholarship) and use visual arts with my writing. This helps me allow readers to see within my heart, painting images, both visually and with words, that convey God’s heart of grace and love for all.

May you always know the comfort of
His Everlasting Arms,

JoAnn Reno Wray
Broken Arrow, OK
EpistleWorks Creations

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