A Confession

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I’m confessing my fault to you here. My husband, Roger, and I are preparing to move from our Oklahoma home to Pittsburgh, PA. Since Roger is already at his new job there, all the moving preparation and sale of our home fell to me. Roger and I have been married for 43 years and until June 1, 2012 when Roger left for his new job we’d only been apart about twelve days our whole marriage not counting Roger’s daily treks to work.

Stress mounted a mighty campaign against me. I fretted about having the energy and help to get everything done. I worried over the sale of the house. I allowed worry to creep in about finding a buyer, paying off the mortgage, and having funds to put down on a new home. All this knowing full well that whether we buy a home or rent, God will provide. Yet somehow it just all overwhelmed me at that time.

Part of the problem was that I’d listened to, and taken too much to heart, the news on home sales and the downgrading of banks as analysts raged on about how that will cause lenders to tighten up on home loans and other lending and cause increased costs. This was on a highly respected news show and the news was not good by a long shot. At that moment I wasn’t heeding God’s Word.

Shortly after watching that program, an email report arrived from a home evaluation site which said the value of our home had dropped 3%. What they based that on is a mystery to me. Other homes near us were on the market at the highest prices in a long time and had sold for more than the asking price in mid-May and June this year.

I grabbed my stomach which was acting like it was on a roller coaster and started obsessing, “What will we do if we can’t . . .  if this doesn’t happen we won’t . . .  if our home doesn’t sell . . .”  Nagging doubts circled my brain like vultures over a dead cow.

I sat there in my living room, tears in my eyes, and whispered, “Jesus help me.” It was all I could muster right then.

In His Grace Grip graphic art created by JoAnn Reno Wray

In His Grace Grip image is created by JoAnn Reno Wray

Almost immediately I heard the Lord clearly speak to my heart. It was so forceful that at times it seemed almost audible. This is what He said:

What do market forces have to do with you? Why are you allowing Satan to steal your joy? You are my off-spring, fruit of my loins, my children! 

Faith can move a mountain, so it can change market forces so all around you benefit. I told you that you will do the same things I did and even greater. What is a mere financial downturn?

I spoke to the wind and waves and the storm calmed. You must speak to this financial storm raging all around you and let peace reign wherever the sole of your foot touches.

The mention of my Name causes all of Hell to tremble. It will also cause the floods of financial ruin to part before your feet so you walk to your assignment from me on dry ground.

Though flames of fear rise and scorch the hearts of millions, speak my name and go through the fire whole, coming out with not even the hairs of your head singed or the stench of the smoke on you.

Do not heed the naysayers, those who dabble in doom to control your thoughts. Think on Me. Think on the things that are lovely, pure, of good report and expect them to come your way.

When  it comes to selling your home, to doing anything, you can boldly say:

The Lord is my helper; I will not fear. What can man’s intentions, his sinful ways, his rebellion against the Most High do to me when my life is hidden in God in Christ Jesus? He is providing for all my needs according to His riches in glory in Jesus and no man can separate me from His loving kindness and mercy, new every morning.

I needed to share this with you, readers. Before we call God answers. We should take him at His Word because He is faithful to perform it. So, taking a deep breath and putting all our trust in the Lord Most High, Roger and I have chosen to believe our house is already sold – even before we list it for sale.

What do you struggle with today? What fears, stresses, or doubts are circling your heart and mind trying to keep you from thinking on God’s promises, to keep you from holding tight to them? God’s Word is the highest truth. As His child you are an heir to his promises, ALL of them.

Hold tight to that which is sure and steadfast. Let go of the world’s opinions and fickle ways and lay hold of God’s riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Those riches cover every aspect of life: spiritual, emotional, physical, and financial. God is blowing his breath and parting the waters. Be ready to walk on through!


Be unto me a strong tower, O Lord. Circle my heart with your holy word like a fortress. Keep my mind stayed upon your promises and holding to you as my life preserver on stormy seas. Let me keep my eyes on your face and set my own like flint to deny the oppression of this world and follow hard after you.

In Jesus’ name and by the power of His Cleansing Blood, Amen and so be it!


Jehovah is on my side; I will not fear: What can man do unto me?           ~~ Psalm 118:6, ASV

The fear of man bringeth a snare; But whoso putteth his trust in Jehovah shall be safe.

~~ Proverbs 29:25,  ASV

So that with good courage we say, The Lord is my helper; I will not fear: What shall man do unto me?

~~Hebrews 13:6,  ASV

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8 thoughts on “A Confession

  1. I like your “grace grip” image and the way the Hands are positioned: cupped so the object won’t fall out, open so it won’t be crushed, and no way to look except up. Incidentally (though I’m pretty sure you didn’t do it deliberately), I also like the side implication in “the SOUL of your foot.” I understand that in the song “The Great Divide,” which contains the lines:

    There’s a bridge to cross the great divide
    There’s a cross to bridge the great divide

    the second was originally an accidental transposition, but deemed too good to “correct.”

    • Thanks for catching my unintentional good use of a homonym Katherine. It was purely me typing too fast. I’ve fixed it now but you are right in that it is apropos for the message. May the soles of our feet always go where our souls are led of God the Father!

  2. JoAnn, it has been so long since I have talked to you. Funny you should post this today. I pretty much had a melt down yesterday, worrying about similar things. I’m heading for Lexington tomorrow, to start to get my house there ready to sell. Sure would like to see you.

  3. Loved your message JoAnn. In Dec. 1990, just before Desert Storm, my husband and I left a home in OH empty and unsold. We’d prayed a long time about moving and God opened the door for a home and a job for me in Tennessee, closer to family. Less then three months later I called the real estate agent and she said nothing was moving in real estate because of the war. The next day, we had an offer. He is more than able. Especially when He speaks to us, we can walk in faith and have that “knowing” in our heart that He is with us. With a disabled husband, I didn’t know how I could get packed up and move…but my S.S. class loaded us up and two couples came to help unload. Wasn’t easy, but God proved faithful again. So good to know He is on our side!

  4. Thank you JoAnn, for sharing this story. God has used your words to encourage me today as well. I have been unemployed for the last year. It has been a blessing in disguise; my third child was born in February, and the layoff gave me the opportunity to be at home during much of the pregnancy and first few months of her life. My 2 year old son was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder in May, so I have been home to get him to evaluations and begin his treatments. I am also now switching gears and beginning a freelance proofreading/editing career. God has faithfully provided throughout the last year for my family. We have now used up all of our savings, and my husband especially is worrying tremendously about how we will continue to make ends meet. God has given me gentle reminders several times this week (including your precious post) that he is our Strentgh and our Provider. I begin to worry about launching a new career in a field in which I have little “hard” experience , and then I remember that God wouldn’t have brought me to this place if He wasn’t going to open the doors and continue to provide.

    May you be richly blessed in your transition to your new home. And may I be a blessing to others as you have blessed me today!

    – Erica

    • I’m in a similar “new career” situation, wanting to use my written-communications education and experience in a new calling I’m feeling to encouragement/mental health ministry, and wondering if anyone will hire me without formal education (which I’d need a LOT more income to pay for) in those areas. It’s hard not leaning on one’s own insight (inadequate as it has long proven to be) and trusting that God’s timing could possibly be better than “right now”!

  5. Great thoughts, JoAnn! You KNOW how much I needed to hear this right now. God’s Word is more powerful than any other force in the universe, including the US housing market. Gary is fond of saying about his homebuilding business, “I am in charge of production & God is in charge of marketing.” We build the houses & HE sells them! Hang in there, you are doing great in honoring the Lord with your actions & attitudes. And I agree with you, your home is already sold, just sitting & waiting for that moment when it has been listed & is on the market & His timing is perfect for you to receive the contract. Meantime, you are doing your job faithfully so keep it up!

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